The Wondrous Waters of Coron, Philippines

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Coron, Philippines owes much of its grandeur to its coasts and picture-perfect waters. The stunning profile of the town’s geography features powdery white sand shorelines and weathered karst and granite. Its crystal-clear water highlights breathtaking coral reefs, making it one of the best sites for diving, fishing, and snorkeling. For visitors with a more relaxed vacation in mind, the hot springs and lakes are nice alternatives to the usual spa trip you take in the city. Instead of soft music and dark rooms found in the usual wellness resort, you’ll find restoration in the placid waters, fresh air, and the sounds of nature in Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

Kayangan Lake

The twenty-minute boat ride from the town of Coron, Philippines, to Kayangan Lake deserves photographs in high-definition, although these would hardly do the real thing justice. The rich growth and steep rocks hide the lake set right into the hills. After a ten-minute climb, you’ll see the almost surreal lake and its deep, ultra-clear waters. A small wooden platform and walkway are the only man-made objects surrounding Kayangan Lake, which is the cleanest lake in Asia. The challenging climb is worth the view, but the journey to Kayangan is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Maquinit Hot Springs

The temperatures of this famous hot spring are between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius, making it a bit too hot for some bathers. Let your body adjust to the warmth while allowing your eyes appreciate the scenery, which will soon lull you into a blissful state.

Once a destination only visited by a few (as Coron was mostly untouched, except by locals), it is an important contributor to the economy of Palawan. While it remains relatively sleepy, like the small fishing town it once was, its tourism industry has grown in the past years. The teeming coral reefs and tropical fishes are at par with what you see in the loveliest of nature documentaries. Beach lovers and the occasional weekend warriors count among its many devotees due to its innate beauty and adventures waiting for jaded urbanites.

For more information on what you can find in Coron in the Philippines, get in touch with us for a trip that’s as close to nature as you can have.

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