Why should You Take a Palawan Tour? Why Not?!

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Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the Philippines every year. When it comes to top tourist destinations in the country, Palawan would surely be included in the list. Why should you take a Palawan Tour? It is difficult to give just one reason why you should visit Palawan as there are many wonderful things you can say about the province. From the breathtaking marine life to the lush green forests, Palawan is a paradise like no other. If you still haven’t decided whether to go in Palawan for your next vacation, here are the top reasons that would convince you to visit this tropical paradise.

Seven Commandos, El Nido | Photo credit: myfriendsunjun.blogspot.comYou have Palawan’s amazing white-sand beaches. You will definitely look forward to spending a day at the beach during your Palawan Tour. The pristine white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters are so enticing that you wouldn’t be able to resist taking a swim. There are also many fun things you can do in Palawan like diving, island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking, and so much more. If you are tired of crowded beach resorts, you have many beautiful options in Palawan. You have Coron, for instance. Since Coron is a place known to divers, its beaches are less crowded compared to other popular tourist destinations.

El Nido is also a good reason why you should take a Palawan Tour. El Nido is also a popular choice among tourists who are tired of the crowded beaches. El Nido is famous for its wonderful scenery. But other than that, the place is also famous for its delicacy, the El Nido soup. The soup is something you don’t want to miss if you happen to go to El Nido on a trip to Palawan. With bird nest as its main ingredient, the El Nido soup is very famous among tourists.

On your Palawan Tour, you will also be able to see Palawan’s wildlife sanctuary and marine reserve. With thousands of acres of marine reserve and wildlife sanctuary, tourists will be able to see exotic animals and different species of sea creatures up close. You can take a trip to the caves and the underground river where you will be able to appreciate the beauty of mother-nature even more.

So you see, there are many reasons you should choose Palawan as your next vacation destination. For tourists who love nature, a Palawan Tour will be your dream vacation.

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