Top Places to Visit on a Trip to Palawan

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Palawan is often described by many tourists as a tropical paradise. It is the perfect place for romantic getaways, family vacations and even for solo travelers who want to go soul-searching or simply want to get away from the busy city life. So if you haven’t decided yet where to spend your vacation, you may want to consider taking a trip to Palawan. It will be a decision you wouldn’t regret. But where to go? There are many tourist sites to visit in Palawan. To make the most out of your vacation, make sure to plan your trip ahead of time. You may also like to get help from a registered travel agency.

In Palawan, there are basically, three major tourist destinations, Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron. Thus, when you plan your Trip to Palawan, you have to decide, which among these places you want to spend your vacation. You can always choose the three. But then again, if you are there only for a limited time, then you want to plan your itinerary properly.

Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours St. Paul Subterranean National Park – The Underground River in Puerto Princesa is a must-see for tourists. You’ll be able to experience the beauty of mother-nature up close. The Underground River has even landed a place in the new list of New Wonders of Nature and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, be aware that strict regulations are also enforced when it comes to getting permits to visit the place. Only 900 visitors per day are allowed. If you want to visit this famous tourist spot, make sure to book your trip to Palawan in advance. You should also get permit for the tour ahead of time.

El Nido

Bacuit Bay – El Nido’s Bacuit Bay is the paradise for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. It is also a perfect island hopping destination because there are many islands around the bay. This is why you don’t want to miss going on an island hopping adventure when you go on a trip to Palawan. Some sites are great for diving, while others are great for snorkeling, swimming and other fun water activities.


Mt. Tapyas – Take a hike at Mt. Tapyas. Once you reach the top, you will find a breathtaking view of Coron. They have a spacious deck, perfect for sightseeing.

These are just some of the many wonderful places you can visit on a trip to Palawan. Let Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours help you plan your trip. Contact us through phone, email, Skype or even viber.

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