Tips You Should Consider When Booking a Puerto Princesa Package

Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

Are you planning to visit Puerto Princesa to unwind? If so, it is recommended to book a Puerto Princesa package with a travel agency so you do not need to worry about your accommodation, itinerary and transportation. Everything you need will be arranged by the travel agency. Once you have booked your tour, here are other tips you should consider when preparing for a Puerto Princesa package tour:

Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

1. If you have an Underground River Tour for your Puerto Princesa package, it is advisable to wear shorts and sandals instead of pants and shoes. You will most likely get wet.
2. Do not forget to bring your insect repellant. Mosquitoes can be a problem during a nature trip and Palawan is a place full of natural attractions. The last thing you want is to catch a disease caused by mosquitoes.
3. Always bring bottled water and flashlight. You will need them when island hopping, trekking or other outdoor activities. Some areas do not have stores so it is better to bring necessities with you before you start your tour.
4. Choose clothes accordingly. Bring warm clothes if you are planning to go there during the rainy season from July to September. Nights can be cool and chilly in mountain areas and beachfronts. If you are going there during the hot summer months, choose comfortable clothes and make sure to bring sunscreen.

Follow the rules and regulations of Palawan

1. Puerto Princesa is strict when it comes to cleanliness, being the Philippines’ cleanest and greenest city. Do not litter on roads, beaches or anywhere on the island. Help keep Puerto Princesa a nice place to visit by keeping it clean.
2. You can take pictures in the places you will be visiting, but do not collect plant and animal species. You do not want to cause any damage to the natural beauty of Puerto Princesa, which the government of Palawan is trying to preserve.
3. Be sensitive to the culture and values of the people in Palawan, especially when you visit ethnic villages.
4. You need to get permits when visiting natural attractions, such as the Puerto Princesa Underground River. The government strictly enforces a “No Permit, No Entry” policy. However, if you already booked a Puerto Princesa package with a travel agency, they will secure the permits for you.

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