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Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour: Fun Summer Activity for Families

Summer is the time to create lifelong memories. Bring everyone closer than ever by taking a family vacation. With many summer hotspots in the country, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect destination for a family trip. Not everyone will like the same place and will be interested to do the same activities. […]

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Top 3 Palawan Resorts

Everybody wants to escape the summer heat. Some people have started looking for the best resorts to go to, while others have cranked up the AC. Fortunately, the country has many beautiful travel spots. There’s no arguing that Palawan resorts are some of the most relaxing and exciting places to visit during this season. Known […]

Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

What to Expect from a tour of the Palawan Underground River National Park

Visiting Puerto Princesa gives you the chance to explore the famous Palawan Underground River, which is one of the newest wonders of nature. This should definitely be in your bucket-list and part of your vacation plans. The Subterranean River or otherwise known as The Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park is a popular tourist destination […]


Live in Luxury : Staying in the Finest Palawan Resorts

There’s nothing quite like communing with nature, especially in a place as lush and stunning as Palawan. The fishing villages and towns are also sights to see for tourists who feel like exploring the rustic side of the area. Here, you may opt for small beachfront cottages or everyday hostels instead of popular resorts in […]

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Things to Know When Booking a Honda Bay Tour

Palawan is among the most visited tourist spots in the Philippines. With stringent rules followed across the island, the local government and its people have maintained its beauty successfully. For thousands of tourists, going to Palawan means visiting stunning islands, swimming in beautiful beaches and exploring diverse ecosystems. The culture and hospitality of the locals […]


Getting a Reliable Puerto Princesa Tour Package

Puerto Princesa is a famous spot among adventure enthusiasts. Who would not love to see the underground river or see the rich marine life of Palawan? The province’s unique offering encouraged many tourists to choose Palawan as their travel destination. If it is your first time to set foot on this heavenly paradise, do not […]

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What Puerto Princesa Underground River Has To Offer

Everyone has probably heard about the beautiful City of Puerto Princessa. Activities such as snorkeling and diving are more fun in Palawan with its clear waters. Marine enthusiasts will also enjoy the variety of sea creatures found in this island. For those who seek for more adventure, trekking and spelunking are always handy. The creative […]

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A Trip to the Crocodile Farm Brings More Fun to Your Puerto Princesa City Tour

If you’re planning to take a Puerto Princesa City tour, make sure the itinerary includes Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. Tourists and scholars across the globe are interested in seeing some of the country’s salt and fresh water crocodiles. Even Brady Barr, host and reptile expert from National Geographic Channel, finds Palawan’s crocodiles interesting. […]

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Go on a Coron Tour to Taste Awesome Food

Coron, Palawan offers fulfilling experiences of nature exploring, snorkeling, diving, and island hopping. Despite the pleasure to be derived from these, your Coron tour would not be complete without food tripping. Restaurants in Coron have their own drawing power. Many Palawan dishes are flavored with spices that are usually found in Southeast Asia. These include […]

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Discover Bizarre Dishes on Your Coron Tour

Have you had a Coron tour that made you try their strangest food pleasures? It’s not necessarily about taking risks or proving that you’re fearless. This is about understanding the things that make these exotic foods lovable to some people. As famous food critic Andrew Zimmern said, “If it looks good, eat it.” There’s no […]