Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour Planning Tips

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The Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour is undoubtedly the main attraction in Puerto Princesa. The Underground River is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature and listed as a World Heritage site. Its new title made it even more famous. Tourists from all over the world visit Palawan just to see this world-famous site.

Regulations to Follow

Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

You do not simply book a flight to Puerto Princesa and line up for a boat to take you to the Underground River. You need to get a permit first. Know that there is a limit to the number of tourists allowed to visit the site each day. The government allows only 900 visitors per day. They also carry out a strict “No Permit, No Entry” policy. The purpose of these regulations is to protect the life forms and the rich ecosystem in the Underground River.

It is easier if you book your Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour with a travel agency. Many Palawan travel agencies offer tour packages that include Underground River Tour. They can help you secure a permit so you do not have to do everything alone.

If you’re going on a DIY Puerto Princesa Underground Tour, you have to get your own permits. Here’s how:

1. Go to the PPUR office located at the City Coliseum.

2. Follow the instructions posted in the office.

3. Clearly indicate the names of the people who will be going with you on a Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour. Remember that only the person indicated in the permit can enter. Permits are non-transferrable.

For more information on securing a permit, contact the PPUR office yourself or contact your travel agency. Choose a travel agency that is knowledgeable about Palawan.

Tips to Remember

Although they allow walk-in applications when securing a permit, it can be quite difficult during the peak season. That is why many people choose to book their Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour with a travel agency.

It is best if you book your trip early considering the carrying capacity. If possible, book during the off peak season to increase your chances of securing a permit.

Make sure you arrive at the port early, at least an hour before the indicated time for the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour. Visitors will be required to register individually before the tour starts.

Remember that the key to a successful vacation is proper planning. Do your research about the rules and regulations to prepare yourself for the tour. Contact us for more information on our tours and packages.



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