Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour: Fun Summer Activity for Families

Puerto Princesa Underground River | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

Summer is the time to create lifelong memories. Bring everyone closer than ever by taking a family vacation. With many summer hotspots in the country, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect destination for a family trip. Not everyone will like the same place and will be interested to do the same activities. Some may want to go to Boracay, while others may prefer to visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

At Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, we make it easier to plan a family trip.

To give you more available options, Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours offers reasonably priced travel and tour packages. We can help you choose your summer destination. Call us or send an email, so we can arrange a family trip for you.

Here are some interesting summer activities you can do with the family. Of course, it will also depend on the budget for this vacation, but you can zero in on one of the recommendations, such as going on a tour to the underground river in Puerto Princesa.

Camping Getaway

Camping gives everyone the chance to relax. With your busy schedules, it is definitely a welcome break. Choose a safe campsite that requires a minimal fee. Check if the campground offers opportunities for fun-filled activities, including hiking, fishing, rafting, canoeing, and building a campfire.

National Park Getaway

An affordable way of taking a family vacation is to visit a national park. With many historical parks in the country, you won’t run out of places to visit for the summer – and even the whole year. These parks have many exciting activities for all types of tourists. The Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park is one of the places you can visit with your family. It can be a fun, educational trip, which is perfect if you’re bringing kids with you.

Road Trip Getaway

It does not even need an introduction. Road trips are one of the perfect ways to spend quality time with the family. No one knows what adventure awaits on the road. Planning ahead is very important, especially when traveling with kids. Bring a map and enough supplies for everyone.

Start planning a family vacation and spend quality time together this summer. Whether you’re traveling to Boracay or joining a guided tour to the Puerto Princesa underground river, Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours can help plan your trip. We have affordable tour packages for all kinds of budget.

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