Puerto Princesa City Tour: What to Expect from the Tour

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Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan is an interesting city to visit. One of its unique features is that the city, despite its progress, is still mostly covered in trees. Because of this, it has received the title of being the “City in the Forest”. If you are going to the city, make sure to visit some of the most popular tourist sites. You can do this conveniently by booking a Puerto Princesa city tour from Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours.

Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours offers a half day Puerto Princesa City tour. You may choose to join the morning group or the afternoon group. Many tourists often prefer to book the afternoon tour. So, if you would like to meet some new friends or be in the company of a big group, it may be better to join the tour done in the afternoon.

The Puerto Princesa City tour from Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours includes entrance fees to sites where there  are fees, shed rentals wherever available,service of a license tour guide and transportation. You will be picked up and returned to your hotel. The tour also includes a snack.

Sites You may Visit in a Puerto Princesa City Tour

Mitra’s Ranch

Puerto Princesa City Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & ToursMitra’s Ranch is located at Santa Monica Heights. The family of the late senator Ramon Mitra owned the ranch. If you are looking for a view of the whole city, you will definitely enjoy your visit here. The ranch has a viewdeck, some horses and a zipline. The Rancho Zipline has 3 lines. One of which is said to be one of the longest ziplines in the city. You can go horseback riding at the ranch or just have someone take a photo of you on a horse as a souvenir of your Puerto Princesa City tour.

Baker’s Hill

Baker’s Hill is just a few minutes away from Mitra’s Ranch. This is a popular theme park that offers some of the best baked goodies in the city. In fact, many tourists would often buy pasalubongs here like chocolate crinkles, brownies, hopia and cashew nuts. The park is also popular for their brick oven pizza. Don’t forget to bring your appetite on your Puerto Princesa City tour and be sure to have a taste of what Baker’s Hill has to offer.

Puerto Princesa Crocodile Farm

The official name of the site is Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. Here, you will see 2 of the rare crocodile species in the country, namely the Philippine freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. Aside from these reptiles, you will also see other animals at the nature park like the famous Palawan bearcat, Mynah Bird and Bearded Pig.

Have a wonderful time at the City in the Forest! Contact Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours for more information on our Puerto Princesa City Tour.

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