Practical Tips for an Enjoyable Trip to Palawan

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Most people do not have time to go on a vacation due to their hectic lifestyle. However, it is important to unwind occasionally as too much work can stress you. Stress is bad and can cause serious health issues. If you get a chance to relax, consider going on a trip to Palawan. Palawan is famous for its natural attractions. You’ll surely enjoy the awesome sceneries, powdery sand and its clear waters.

Snake Island, El Nido | Photo credit: trekearth.comFor an enjoyable vacation, careful planning is necessary. Here are tips on how to make your Trip to Palawan enjoyable:

1. Decide what you really want to do most in Palawan. This way you will know which sites to visit and what tour package to choose. If it is diving you want, go to Coron. For island hopping, head to El Nido. If you want to visit the Underground River or visit the historical landmarks in Palawan, then choose to spend most of your time in Puerto Princesa.

2. Choose an accommodation in a convenient place. If you decide to go somewhere else that is not included with your travel agency’s tour package, you do not have to worry about getting transportation.

3. Find out everything you need to know about fees and permits before you go on a Trip to Palawan. You are looking forward to going to a particular site, only to find out that permits are necessary. While in some sites it is easy to get permits, there are places where you have to book in advance. Like for instance, in Puerto Princesa Underground River, it will be a big disappointment to you if you find out that you cannot go on an Underground River tour just because you were not aware that a permit is necessary.

4. Pack light clothes and bring the necessary things. When on a Trip to Palawan, you will spend most of your time under the sun. Thus, you will need sunscreens, shades, hats, etc. Wear light clothes and don’t forget your flip flops or sandals. If there is space in your bag, pack your snorkeling gear. You can always rent but when on a trip, oftentimes you will need every penny you have.

To be able to enjoy your Trip to Palawan, it is important to carefully plan . Consider every detail to avoid any inconvenience and frustrations. If you need help with planning, you can always seek assistance from a travel agency like Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours.

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