Palawan of a Kind: Take Pleasure in the Island with a Palawan Travel Agency

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Palawan is the perfect place to go for fun and relaxation. Known as the Philippines’ last ecological frontier, this island province is home to breathtaking beaches, diving spots, and natural landmarks. Its capital, Puerto Princesa City, is a very popular tourist destination.

For first time visitors, two of the most recommended places are the Underground River and Honda Bay. Whether it’s a DIY trip or arranged by a Palawan travel agency, a stay in the island isn’t complete without visiting these wonderful attractions.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River  | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

One of the most exciting places to visit in Palawan is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Simply know as the Underground River, this World Heritage Site is considered the world’s longest subterranean river. Its main attraction is the 8.2 kilometer navigable watercourse. It runs through a cavern before flowing directly into the West Philippine Sea.

The underground cavern resembles the interiors of a cathedral. Some of the stalactites and stalagmites even look like religious images. At the entrance, lush vegetation grows near the water’s edge. You can find different animals, including monkeys, monitor lizards, and squirrels on the beach near the cave.

Honda Bay

Honda Bay hosts some of the most exclusive resorts in the country. Boasting a natural mix of white sand beaches, wonderful landscapes, and rainforests, the place is a must-see for nature lovers.

Honda Bay is located just a few minutes north of the city. The islands in the area include Cowrie Island, Luli Island, Pandan Island, Snake Island, and Starfish Island. The best way to explore some of these magnificent islands is to get into a boat and go island hopping.

The Underground River and Honda Bay Island Hopping tours are two of Puerto Princesa’s most popular attractions. For your convenience, make a reservation with a Palawan travel agency before your scheduled trip.

How to Get to Palawan

Palawan is at the western part of the Philippines, about 586 km. southwest of Metro Manila. Visitors can reach the island by air and sea. A Palawan travel agency can book you with any of the major airlines that fly from Manila to Puerto Princesa daily. Traveling by air can take about an hour. Ferries from Manila to Puerto Princesa via Coron are also available, although ferry trips usually take 28 hours. You can consult a Palawan travel agency to determine that best way to visit the island for your vacation.

It’s advisable to book early with a Palawan travel agency, especially if you are signing up for a Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour. If you’re traveling by air, book a month ahead as ticket rates are higher when flights are scheduled at the last minute.

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