Looking for Inspiration? Book an El Nido Package

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Are you a writer looking for inspiration for a new novel, or a photographer in need of a great view for your latest project? Book an El Nido package and find your inspiration in one of the many islands in the area.

Those who want to escape from their daily grind will find a peaceful refuge in El Nido, Palawan.  Because you are most often left alone with your thoughts and the amazing scenery, you’ll definitely find inspiration for your craft in this place. 


El Nido, Palawan is a Great Setting for a Novel

Remember the movie “The Beach”, where Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the lead stars? It was just an adaptation of the novel written by Alex Garland. According to locals, the author wrote the novel while he was in El Nido. His inspiration? The Secret Beach found in Matinloc Island.

Want to visit the Secret Beach? The El Nido package offered by Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours includes an island hopping tour. One of the islands you’ll visit is the Matinloc Island. It is a slim island and is considered as one of the longest in the area. To reach the Secret Beach, you’ll need to swim through a hole. The beach is surrounded with limestone walls. In the afternoon, the sun casts beautiful shadows through the walls.

Photo Credit: musesonair.comEl Nido Offers an Awesome Back Drop for a Photo Shoot

El Nido is photogenic! Professional photographers and enthusiasts will never run out of subjects and concepts. In fact, there are some photography groups based in Manila that often get an El Nido package for their groups and bring their workshops or photowalks in the island.

El Nido is a Good Location for Movies and TV Series

For months, everyone has been raving about the latest installment in the Bourne Legacy series. Some of the scenes where shot around Manila and in El Nido. Rachel Weisz, one of lead stars, was quoted saying ” I can live in Palawan forever” [view source].

Aside from the fourth installment of Bourne Legacy, 10 episodes of the 7th season of the French franchise of Survivor was shot in El Nido in 2007. The series was named Les Aventuriers de Koh-Lanta.

An El Nido package with island hopping tour will give you the chance to see the places Bourne Legacy and Survivor where shot.

Need inspiration?

Book an El Nido package from Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours. With beautiful islands you can visit in El Nido, you won’t have to worry about creative block! For more information about our packages and services? We are just a phone call and email away!

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