Island Hopping Tips when taking a Palawan Tour


One of the things to look forward to when on a Palawan tour is island hopping. With Palawan’s impressive seascapes, hidden lagoons of breathtaking beauty and rich marine life, island hopping in the province will be an adventure of a lifetime. While on an island hopping adventure, you can enjoy many water activities, like swimming, snorkeling and diving. You can also just bathe under the sun and admire the stunning scenery.

Here are some tips you may follow when island hopping during your Palawan tour:

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  • Know the best times to go on a Palawan tour. The best time to visit Palawan is during the dry season, from the month of November through April. You will still be able to go to Palawan during the rainy season. However, you might not be able to enjoy island hopping much as it makes traveling by boat difficult. Check for weather updates before you go on vacation in Palawan.
  • Get to the jump off point early. Make sure to also settle permits, entrance fees, and other travel essentials way ahead of your planned trip. However, if you book your Palawan tour with a travel agency like Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, you wouldn’t have to worry about these things. Transportation going to the jump off point for the tour is often included when you get a tour package. Permits, entrance fees, shed rentals are also included in the package. Lunch is even provided, so you don’t have to worry about where to get food once you are in one of the islands.
  • Check your gear. You surely don’t want a foggy mask to hinder you from seeing the beautiful marine life of Palawan. Clean your mask and check your tube for holes. If you don’t have a snorkeling gear, you may rent one. You just have to tell your guide beforehand.
  • Bring extra cash. You might not think it is needed as almost everything is provided in your Palawan tour package. But you may find it very useful while on tour. You may find some souvenir shops along the way or you may want to buy extra food for the tour.

When you’ve got everything covered, you can be sure to have a wonderful experience on your Palawan tour. Enjoy the food and the scenery and do not worry too much. Take the necessary safety measures to avoid accidents and injuries. For more information about Palawan, tours and travel packages, contact Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours.

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