Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours Reviews White Sand Beaches in Palawan

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Palawan is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Philippines. It has over 1,700 islands. The province offers beautiful under water and above water sites like snorkeling spots, diving areas and white sand beaches. Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours reviews some of the most popular white sand beaches tourists love to visit in the Palawan.

Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours Reviews Pandan Island of Honda Bay

Honda Bay Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & ToursIn Honda Bay, you’ll find a number of beautiful islands and sand bars. Pandan Island is a favorite of many tourists because of its sprawling white sand beach and snorkeling spot. If you’re booking a Puerto Princesa package with Honda Bay tour from Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, you’ll have a buffet picnic lunch in this island. This is also often the first stop for the tour.

At Pandan Island, you’ll find cottages, a grilling area and a couple of Little Tikes for the kids. There are also shower rooms and a small island bar where you can buy your favorite ice-cold drink and some snacks.

Pandan Island is called as such because of a lot of Pandan trees in the island.

Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours Reviews Banana Island of Coron

Banana island is a couple of hours away from Coron port that most tourists who would like to visit the island would often opt to spend a night there. However, if you don’t like the idea, you can simply book a Coron island hopping tour and include it in your itinerary. If your tour includes a trip to Malcapuya island, you are likely to visit Banana island too.

This island is also called as Dicabaluan Island. It offers a long but narrow stretch of white sand beach. When you snorkel, you’ll find beautiful Pacific giant clams. Like Pandan Island, Banana island got its name from the many Banana trees found in the area.

Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours Reviews Helicopter Island of El Nido

Dilumacad Island, also known as Helicopter Island, offers beach goers a 300-meter white sand beach. If you’re looking for a more exciting thing to do in the island, you can venture to its northern part and explore an underwater tunnel. At the south side of the island, you’ll find a fringing reef.

Helicopter island is called as such because it looks like a helicopter from a far.

Visit white sand beaches and discover the rich marine life of the province. Contact Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours to learn about our travel packages.

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