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Honda Bay is one of the famous attractions in Palawan. It is just a 15-minute drive from the Puerto Princesa city proper. A visit to Palawan is not considered complete without booking a Honda Bay Tour package. There are many water activities you can do during your island hopping tour like kayaking, banana boat riding and snorkeling. Before taking a Honda Bay tour, it is a good idea to learn about what you can expect from the tour. It i also important to learn about any reminders you may need to follow to avoid problems and make the experience more memorable.

Fish Feeding is Not Allowed on a Honda Bay Tour

Honda Bay Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & ToursBefore a Honda Bay tour starts, the tour guide would often remind visitors that feeding the fishes is no longer allowed in many parts of Honda Bay. This is because the government wants to protect the fishes living in Honda Bay. For many years before, visitors bring bread and other food to feed the fishes. While  this may seem like an innocent act, the practice of fish feeding has brought negative effects.

Your guide for the Honda Bay tour will make sure everyone is aware of this rule. Pandan Island, as well as Pambato reef strictly follows the “no fish feeding” regulation. Snake Island used to be included in the list of places in a Honda Bay tour, but it is currently closed for rehabilitation because of the practice of feeding the fishes. The fishes in the area needed rehabilitation because of specific changes in their behaviors. They have become dependent to visitors, instead of searching the food by themselves. The government has taken the initiative of hosting the rehabilitation process, and when the fishes go back to their normal behaviors, the site may be opened again to visitors.

Other Reminders and Tips on Your Honda Bay Tour

During your Honda Bay tour, you will be asked by your guide to wear a life vest while you’re on the boat and while snorkeling at Pambato Reef. You won’t be allowed to swim in Pambato Reef without a life vest. You may also consider wearing aqua shoes to protect your feet from sharp corals you may accidentally step on .

Taking a Honda Bay Tour is not just about having fun. It also  teaches you how to be a responsible tourist. By learning how to respect other inhabitants of Honda Bay, you are helping conserve the environment, which the government and the locals have been working hard to do.

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