Honda Bay Tour: Island Hopping Tips to Remember

Honda Bay Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

Summer is a perfect time to go island hopping and get a tan. With summer just around the corner, it’s time for you decide on your island hopping destination.  With over a thousand islands in Palawan, the province is the perfect place for you to visit. Why not take a Honda Bay Tour? Palawan is a place famous for its beautiful islands, lush-green forests and breathtaking marine life. Honda Bay easily accessible, from Puerto Princesa, the province’s capital. It is just the perfect place to go island hopping and experience a wonderful adventure with nature. 

What to Expect with a Honda Bay Tour

Honda Bay Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & ToursIn a Honda Bay Tour, you will be taken to beautiful islands with white sand beaches, including the famous Pandan Island and Starfish Island. However, keep in mind that your time during the tour is limited. Therefore, it is best for you to prepare early so the when the tour van picks you up, you can immediately leave for St. Lourdes wharf. It only takes less than an hour’s drive from Puerto Princesa city proper to St. Lourdes wharf, the drop-off point for the tour.  This way, you can maximize your time during the tour.

Group Tour or Private Tour?

You can join the guided tours offered by Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours or request for an exclusive or private tour for you and your group. Rates often include lunch buffet with drinks depending on your package. An exclusive tour would, of course, cost more compared to a group tour, but you will also be able to enjoy a flexible itinerary if you just go with your group.So, let’s say you wanted to stay in an island longer, it won’t be difficult for the guide to adjust the schedule.

Book a Honda Bay Tour with a Travel Agency for a Worry-free Trip

You can book your Honda Bay Tour with a registered travel agency, like Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, to have a stress-free vacation. This way, you won’t have to think about how you’ll go to the wharf, renting a boat, bringing lunch and other things. When getting a Honda Bay tour from an agency, make sure you understand what the rates include. Food is most important because food on the islands can be very expensive compared to the mainland. Find out also if the package includes shed rentals and van and boat transfers. If you are bringing your children with you, find out what their rates are for children. Be sure also to check their policies on cancellation and other charges.

Ready to go island hopping this summer? Contact Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours to learn more about our services.

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