Honda Bay Tour in Palawan: Is it Worth It?

Honda Bay

If you are in Palawan, specifically Puerto Princesa, taking the Honda Bay Tour is definitely something you should consider. Your trip to Palawan wouldn’t be complete if you aren’t able to see some of the most beautiful islands in the province. The best way to see these exceptional islands and the province’s rich marine life is through an island hopping tour. For the Honda Bay tour, you will be taken to Pambato Reef, one of the best places for snorkeling. There you will find beautiful corals and different kinds of fishes up close. If you enjoy swimming and snorkeling, then you also surely the other sites you will visit on the tour. 

Honda Bay Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & ToursEven if you are time-pressed and you can only spare a day or two in Puerto Princesa before your vacation is over, you should make sure not to skip the Honda Bay Tour. Island hopping in some of the most beautiful islands in the province is surely one way to make the best of your stay in Palawan. How far is the drop off from the city? The drive to the Honda Bay Wharf will only take about half an hour or less from downtown Puerto Princesa. You wouldn’t worry about spending most of the day on the road instead of touring the best places while you have the time.

Honda Bay Tour from Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

It is best to go with a travel agency if you are taking the Honda Bay Tour. The agency will provide the transportation as well as food and drinks for the tour. With a DIY tour, you have to prepare the food yourself, which can be a lot of a hassle when you are traveling alone. You may opt to buy food but they may be expensive. With a DIY tour, you’ll have to pay for the entrance fee to some of the islands you may visit.  A Honda Bay tour from Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours includes entrance fees, shed rentals and payment for the boat.

How long does a Honda Bay Tour usually take? You will be back in the city around 3 or 4 pm. You will never get bored on the tour. Once you get the islands and start enjoying yourself, you probably wouldn’t want to leave and wish that you had an extra day so you can stay longer. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen so you wouldn’t damage your skin from all that swimming and snorkeling!

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