Honda Bay Tour : A Trip to Cowrie Island and LuLi Island

Honda Bay Tour

Palawan is a destination hot spot in the Philippines. Local and International tourists visit the province to see some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and natural wonders. A Honda bay tour is popular among travelers who want to go on an island hopping tour while they are in Puerto Princesa, the province’s capital.

What to Expect with a Honda Bay Tour

Honda Bay TourHonda Bay has different islands, such as Arreceffi Island,Cowrie Island,  LuLi Island, and Pandan Island. Arreceffi Island is where you’ll find the famous Dos Palmas resort.

Our tour is a whole day activity. Our van will pick you up at your hotel between 7 and 8 in the morning. Travel time from the city center to the tour’s jump off point, St. Lourdes’ Wharf, is between 15 and 30 minutes. Once at the Wharf, your guide will lead you to the boat that will take you around Honda Bay for the day.

Cowrie Island

Cowrie Island is one of the islands you’ll visit on a Honda Bay tour. Some say the island got its name after a sea snail, marine gastropod mollusk, called “cowrie”. You’ll find cabanas around the island where you can rest while waiting for your guide to prepare your delicious buffet lunch. The island is great for snorkeling, swimming. Underwater, you’ll find beautiful species of fish, starfish, and corals. Out of the water, you will enjoy the island’s powdery white site.

After your buffet picnic lunch, you can lay under the sun to get a wonderful tan that will be the envy of everyone back home. Are you up to meet new friends? Chat with the other travelers taking our Honda Bay tour with you.

LuLi Island

After a wonderful lunch at Cowrie Island, you’ll visit LuLi Island. The name LuLi, is short for lulubo-lilitaw, an apt description of the island. The island sinks when it’s high tide. All you’ll see are the cabanas and cottages that look as if they are floating. When it’s low tide, the water recedes and the island “re-appears”.

There’s a diving board a few meters off the shore. Try jumping off the board for an adrenaline rush. Make sure you’re good at diving though, as there aren’t any lifeguards on duty at the island.

The boat will take you back to the jump off point before sunset. Our van will pick you up and bring you back to your hotel.

To learn more about our Honda Bay tour and other services, you can send an email to or contact us through Viber or our office phones. We now have a U.S. phone line to make booking easier for our foreign clients.

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