Are the prices posted in the Daily tours based on group tours?
Yes. Prices posted in our website are based on seat-in-couch tours, meaning, you will share the tour with other guests (minimum of 6 persons). If you want to do a private tour, kindly include that in your inquiries so we can give you an exact quotation.

Is airfare included in the package?
NO, airfare is not yet included in the package. But you can book your flights with us, just give us your travel dates.

Do you book flights?
Yes we do book flights. Just give us your destination, travel dates, and how many you are in the group.

 Are there any hidden charges / fees besides the prices quoted in the website?
No. There are absolutely no hidden charges. We don’t charge for the Environmental Fees which are payable onsite because these are government fees.

How do I make a reservation and payment?
Once you’ve given us your go signal, we will require 50% downpayment to confirm booking (block your hotel rooms and start applying for the permits).  We accept payment via following options:

1) BDO Bank Deposit
2) Paypal
3) Credit card

Can I pay the remaining balance upon arrival? 
Unfortunately, as per company’s policy, we require FULL PAYMENT at least 1 month before your travel dates.

What details will you need from us?
We will need your full names, birthdays, and nationality for your permits and tickets.

Package rates quoted in the website are based on what occupancy?
Most prices are based on a triple/quad occupancy unless otherwise specified (ex. Twin sharing – for couples)

What if I’m traveling alone?
Kindly send us an email of your preferred package so we can send you a revised quotation.

What are your Cancellation / Booking Terms and Conditions?
  –  Any alteration made without approval from issuing office will be deemed null & void.
  –  Any incidental expense will be on guest’s account.
  –  Any unused accommodation or tour is non-refundable  
  –  Hopping Buddies Travel and Tours shall not be responsible for cancellation of tours due to nature or acts of God, which is beyond its control. 
  –  If itinerary schedule may change, guests and tour operator should be informed accordingly. 

 How do we cancel or reschedule tours? Will we get a refund for cancelled tours?
Please advise us the soonest (not later than 3 weeks before your travel dates) if you have changes on your itinerary. We will refund everything EXCEPT Permits fee as this is not refundable from the city government. Refundable amount also depends on the hotel’s policy.


I want to go to Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron in one trip – is that possible?
This is doable BUT please take note that Coron is a separate island in the northern part of Palawan, it is serviced by separate flights from Manila. You have to take an 8-hour boat ride to El Nido from Coron. El Nido is more accessible by a 6-hour drive from Puerto Princesa.

How do we go to El Nido from Puerto Princesa?
EL Nido is a 6-hour drive from Puerto Princesa. We can book your land transfers, just give us your flight schedule.

If our arrival time is around 8:30 AM, can we still take the tours?
Yes and No.  Yes, you can still take the HONDA BAY ISLAND HOPPING TOUR or UNDERGROUND RIVER if your group is minimum of 6 pax. Otherwise, you need to take a private tour.

How is the process of getting a permit for UNDERGROUND RIVER?
If you book in advance (at least 1 month before your travel dates), we can guarantee the permit. But if you book less than a month, availability of permits will no longer be guaranteed.  Please do take note that permits are released by the City Government office.

What if we still want to take our chances and book the underground river tour? How will be the process?
Given the critical status of the permit, if you still want to book the tour, we will require 50% downpayment to confirm booking.  As soon as we receive your payment, we will start applying for the permits.  However, in the event that permits will not be issued due to fully booked (as advised by booking office), we will give you the FULL refund of your payment.

How early should I make the reservation?
It’s advisable to book as early as possible or at least 1 month in advance especially for Underground River Tour.


How long is the boat ride from Caticlan port to Boracay Island?
It’s just a short 15minute boat ride from the jetty port to Boracay Island.

What’s the difference between coming from Kalibo and Caticlan?
Flying from Kalibo will require a 2-hour land trip to Caticlan jetty port (jump-off point to Boracay) while Caticlan flights land near the area of the jetty port.

Where do you recommend we land – Kalibo or Caticlan?
It depends on your preference. Flights to Kalibo are relatively cheaper compared to Caticlan flights but you will have to take a 2-hour land trip to the jetty port.


How far is the airport from the city proper? Do you offer transfers?
Cebu’s airport is in Mactan Island which is a 30-minute ride to the city proper. Yes we provide roundtrip airport transfers.

What’s the difference between the Cebu Island and Mactan Island hotels?
Cebu hotels offer the metropolitan Cebu city ambiance while the Mactan Island resorts offer more of the Cebu beach feel.

Where is Bantayan Island? How do we go there?
Bantayan is in the northern part of the province. From the airport, you have to go to Hagnaya port (either by bus, van, or taxi / travel time usually 3 hours) then take a 45-min ferry ride to Bantayan Island. Yes we can arrange this for you.