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Philippines have many beautiful destinations. Thanks to its tropical climate, foreigners and Filipinos alike enjoy lush greeneries and a beautiful warm weather most parts of the year. Palawan is one of the top and must-see destinations in the country. Thus, many packages and tours are offered nonstop to tourists. When it comes to packages, Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours is a trusted travel agency. One of the popular packages they offer is the Puerto Princesa City Tour. Let’s just say that touring around this lovely city is a must. Why? Simple. Being in a place they call the Last Frontier of the Philippines is enough reason to feed your curiosity and excitement. For a price of Php 600 for Puerto Princesa City Tour, you will enjoy many beautiful places that showcase the culture of Palawan.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

One of the oldest churches in Palawan, it was first built in 1872 during the Spanish Era. Still found along the Rizal Avenue, the cathedral undergone major refurbishment in 1961. However, tourists will be surprised to know that even after a few centuries; this cathedral retained its original structure.

Plaza Cuartel

The Puerto Princesa City Tour would not be complete without visiting any heritage site. The Plaza Cuartel which is just across the Immaculate Conception Cathedral is rich in history that dates back to the Japanese era. Today, it is now part of the town complex and maintained as a walled garden.

Palawan Crocodile Farm

Puerto Princesa City Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & ToursPalawan is known for its numbers of conservations and sanctuaries. So it should not leave you wondering why it is part of the Puerto Princesa City Tour. Here you will learn different kinds of crocodiles and why they are bred. If you have the adventurous spirit, you might just experience holding a baby crocodile while giving that big smile on the camera.

Puerto Princesa City’s Baywalk

If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, Puerto Princesa surely has a lot to give – literally. That’s because 2/3 of the city is still surrounded by green forests. Now add the cool breeze of the sea while strolling at the bay and taking cute pictures worthy of postcards. You will be thankful you joined the Puerto Princesa City Tour by the end of the day.

Other places like the Butterfly Garden and Binuatan Weaving Center is also part of the Puerto Princesa City Tour. With an affordable fee, every moment you spend in this tour is a blast.

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