El Nido Package with Island Hopping Tour: Things to Bring on Your Island Hopping Adventure

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One of the most famous places in Palawan is El Nido. It is popular for its amazing limestone cliffs, marine habitats, and of course, its white-sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters. Island hopping is definitely something you’d want to do when you’re in town. Each island in El Nido has its own unique features. You won’t be bored during the tour as you’ll always find something new in each of your destination. Depending on the tour included in your El Nido package, you may visit some lagoons, snorkeling spots and an island shrine. 

Excited for your trip to Palawan? Make your island hopping experience even more enjoyable, by making sure you have everything you need for the tour.

There are four island hopping tour options that you can take when booking an El Nido package. These are tours A, B, C and D. Each of these tours offers different tour itineraries. Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours for 1 island hopping tour for the 3D/2N El Nido package and 2 tours for the 4D/3N package.

Buffet Picnic Lunch for the Tour Included in Your El Nido Package

El Nido package | Hopping Buddies Travel & ToursOne thing you need to clarify with your travel agent is if lunch is included in the El Nido package you’re going to get. Usually, Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours offers a buffet picnic lunch together with the tour. This is different from the packed lunches that are often offered by other travel agencies. After all the snorkeling and swimming in the islands, you will surely go hungry afterwards. So, if you want a freshly cooked meal during the tour, make sure to ask your agent about the type of meal you’ll be getting with your El Nido package.

Aqua Shoes, Sunscreen and More

Although almost all of the necessities, like food and water, are provided in the tour that comes with your El Nido package, there are a few extra things that you must have while island hopping. One is, of course, your sunscreen. You will be spending the whole day under the heat of the sun. It is best to apply sunscreen before the tour. You may also like to bring it during the tour so you can reapply during the day. Sunglasses and hats will also be a lot of help. You will also surely need your camera to capture the wonderful scenery you will get to see. Wearing aqua shoes is recommended. You might step on sharp corals while you’re in the water and cut yourself

Choose Palawan for your next summer vacation and include an island hopping adventure in your El Nido package. Call or send an email to Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours if you would like to get more information on our packages.

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