Easy Tips to Follow When Booking with a Palawan Travel Agency

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For a hassle-free vacation to Palawan, it is best to book your vacation with a travel agency. You don’t have to make reservations to hotels and plan your itinerary yourself. You don’t even have to worry about entrance fees, permits, boat and van transfers, as these things are usually included in tour packages. Your only concern is what to wear, the things you’ll bring for the trip and when to go to the province. A relaxing vacation is just within your reach if you get the services of a Palawan travel agency.

Twin Lagoon, Coron | Photo credit: tripadvisor.comFirst, make sure that you are dealing with a registered Palawan travel agency. This will ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. If you are dealing with an online travel agency, it is advisable that you verify their business information in order to avoid online scams. A registered Palawan travel agency only have professionals working for them. They have employees who are courteous and friendly who will assist you in every way to make your vacation more enjoyable.

When dealing with a travel agency, be clear cut with your expectations. Letting them know your preferences would help any Palawan travel agency, like Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, to prepare a perfect itinerary for you. While the agency may plan your itinerary, you still need to have a general idea of where you want to go. In Palawan, there are three major destinations, namely Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Coron. In each of these destinations, you’ll find many famous tourist sites you may visit. For example, in Puerto Princesa, you may go around the city, visit the underground river or go island hopping in Honda Bay. It might be a good idea to inform the agency of what you wanted to do during your vacation so they know which tours to include in the itinerary.

After you have chosen your Palawan travel agency and decided where to go, you then need to choose from the many tour package options offered by the agency. Whether you choose Puerto Princesa, El Nido or Coron, there are tour packages to suit your preferences and your budget.

Using the services of a Palawan travel agency is the best way to travel. Unless you are familiar with the place, a self-planned tour can become an inconvenience because you have to do everything yourself, from booking a hotel to getting permits to some tourist sites. All these things will be handled for you by your chosen Palawan travel agency.

For more information on the services and packages of Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, you may contact us through email, phone or viber.

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