Different Activities You Can Do on a Puerto Princesa Package

Puerto Princesa Baywalk | Photo Credit: puertoprincesacity.net

Can’t decide if you should get a Puerto Princesa Package? Since you will be spending for your vacation, it is normal to make sure that you have picked a good vacation spot. Perhaps, you are curious as to what activities you can enjoy in Puerto Princesa. Sightseeing is given, considering the various tourist attractions you have heard from other travelers. However, what other activities can you do in Puerto Princesa aside from sightseeing?

Watch Festivals

There are many festivities in Puerto Princesa throughout the year. If you go there by the 3rd week of June, you will just be in time for Feast of the Forest and the Baragatan sa Palawan. During the Feast of the Forest, you can join in planting trees in the city’s forests. The Baragatan sa Palawan on the other hand, is a festival that celebrates the foundation of the civil government in Palawan. The people of Palawan come together and you will be able to watch street dancing and cultural shows from various municipalities.

For those who enjoy festivals, the best time to take the Puerto Princesa Package is during the months of April and May. April in particular, is a busy month for festivities. You have the Pangalipay sa Baybay on the first week, the Kamarikutan Pagdiwata Arts Festival on April full moon, and the Seafood Festival on the third week of April. If you love spending time in the beaches, look forward to the Karagatan Festival, which takes place in the first week of May

Food in Puerto Princesa | Photo credit to the following blogs where we got some of the pictures: palawantoday.com, foodtraveladventure.blogspot.com, baktincorporation.blogspot.com, adoboart.com, retirednoway.wordpress.com, mybackpackdiaries.blogspot.com, thewanderingwonder.comGo on a Food Trip

What you do not want to miss on your Puerto Princesa Package is going on a food trip. You are in a place that is famous for its beaches and rich marine life. If you do not often get the chance to eat seafood when you were in the metro, this is a great opportunity to eat at your heart’s content. The best thing is that seafood in Puerto Princesa is not as expensive as the classy restaurants you have back home.
Just ask your travel agency where you booked your Puerto Princesa Package for suggestions on the best places to eat in Puerto Princesa.

Dolphin Watching

Do not miss the chance of seeing dolphins up close. Ask your travel agency if this is part of the Puerto Princesa Package. If not, you can arrange it with the hotel where you are staying. It is a half-day tour that usually costs around Php600.

With all the things you can do in Puerto Princesa, perhaps you now understand why it is a popular vacation spot for many tourists. If you are looking for affordable tour packages, check out Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours. Contact us today for a quote.

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