Station 1


Blue waves Beachhouse (Beachfront)

Blue waves
For as low as P2,000/night (twin sharing / Standard room)


Club Ten (Not Beachfront)

Club ten
For as low P2,240/night (twin sharing / Superior room)


Whitehouse Resort (Beachfront)

For as low as P3,080/night (twin sharing / Standard room)


Sur (Beachfront)

For as low as P3,200/night (twin sharing / Standard room)


Willy’s (Beachfront)

For as low as P3,220/night (twin sharing / Standard room)


Residencia Boracay (Beachfront)

Residencia Boracay
For as low as P3,300/night (twin sharing / Superior room)


One Azul (Not Beachfront)

One Azul
For as low as P3,500/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)


Nigi Nigi Too (Beachfront)

For as low as P3,500/night (twin sharing / Standard room)


Patio Pacific (Not Beachfront)

Patio Pacific
For as low as P4,000/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)


Crown Regency Prince Resort (Not Beachfront)

Crown Regency Prince
For as low P5,500/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)


Red Coconut (Beachfront)

Red Coconut
For as low as P5,990/night (twin sharing / Classic room)


Real Maris (Not Beachfront)

Real maris
For as low as P6,000/night (twin sharing / VIP DLX room)


Two Seasons (Beachfront)

Two seasons boracay
For as low as P6,100/night (twin sharing / Standard room)


Estacio Uno (Beachfront)

Estacio Uno
For as low as P7,200/night (twin sharing / Standard room)


Sea Wind (Beachfront)

Sea wind
For as low as P7,700/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)


Ambassador in Paradise (Beachfront)

For as low as P8,500/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)


Pearl of the Pacific (Beachfront)

For as low as P9,000/night (twin sharing / Deluxe Hillside)


Astoria Boracay (Beachfront)

Astoria Boracay
For as low as P13,800/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)


Nandana (Beachfront)

For as low as P11,000/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)


The District (Beachfront)

The District
For as low as P11,700/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)


Fridays Boracay (Beachfront)

For as low as P14,850/night (twin sharing / Deluxe room)