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Wanting to experience going on vacation to a world-class destination but can’t afford to splurge on your trip? If so, a Palawan Tour might just be want you need to get. Nowadays, many were able to go to trips and vacations. Thanks to low airfares offered all year round by various airline companies. Going to Palawan is something many tourists who have grown weary of city life often want to do. 

The thought of being in a place that resembles paradise is enough to make anyone want to visit the province to relax for a few days. No wonder there is always a high influx of tourists both foreign and local going to Palawan every year . That is because other than nature’s beauty, the climate is also great. It feels like everyday is summer. A Palawan Tour is perfect for everyone anytime of the year. These are 3 major destinations in Palawan that tourists love to visit.

Puerto Princesa

When people talk of Puerto Pricesa, the underground river will definitely be mentioned within the conversation. The St. Paul Subterranean River National Park, is home to one of the natural wonders of the nature. The underground river, that is part of the Cabayugan River, will leave you awestruck once you head down its length. Impressive rock and mineral formations along with rare species of animals and plants are some of the things you will see in the park.

If you’re in the city, why not book a city tour with Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours? This Palawan tour will take you to some heritage sites, conservation and farms like the Crocodile Farm.

El Nido

El Nido Packages | Hopping Buddies Travel & ToursThis place in Palawan is not only famous for its unique soup but also for its almost untouched beauty. If you are fond of water activities, you can be sure to have a  variety of activities you can do in El Nido. Scuba diving or snorkeling on blue-green lagoons, kayaking and swimming on powdery white sandy beaches are just some that you can try. The Palawan Tour to El Nido often includes island hopping tours. The town has about 45 islands in its jurisdiction that you can visit- that is of course, if you’ll have enough time to visit all of them!


Diving in stunning shipwreck dive sites, discovering hidden clean lakes, feeding colorful schools of fish in expansive marine sanctuaries and island hopping are just some of the great and exciting adventures you may experience in Coron.

Would you like to go on a Palawan tour? Contact Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours for more information on our packages for Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron.


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