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Top Places to Visit in Palawan

With affordable travel packages, summer isn’t just about planning an overnight stay at the beach. At Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, we offer reasonably priced packages, allowing you to go on vacation to Palawan for a few days without spending a fortune. Explore the province from the vibrant streets of Puerto Princesa to the luxurious […]

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Puerto Princesa Tour Package : Offering a Romantic Escapade for Couples

Puerto Princesa, Palawan is the perfect place for a romantic vacation. The city is not just the choice of young sweethearts or newly weds, but also of couples who have been together for a long time. When you want to make it an unforgettable occasion for your loved one, think about booking Puerto Princesa tour […]

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Things to Know When Booking a Honda Bay Tour

Palawan is among the most visited tourist spots in the Philippines. With stringent rules followed across the island, the local government and its people have maintained its beauty successfully. For thousands of tourists, going to Palawan means visiting stunning islands, swimming in beautiful beaches and exploring diverse ecosystems. The culture and hospitality of the locals […]

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Summer Adventure With a Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour

Summer is here! Get your calendar and travel bags ready for days of beach bumming, island hopping, and sun bathing. With over a hundred tourist sites in the Philippines, looking for the perfect summer destination is exciting and challenging. What separates Palawan from other tourist destinations in the country? When planning to have a unique […]

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Coron tour: Three Things to Do on Your Trip

You may have heard of Coron and yet never really took the time to visit this beautiful town in Palawan.  This summer, why not go on a Coron tour and experience what you’ve often heard or read about this idyllic place? We recommend these three popular activities that you should try for a memorable stay […]

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Booking a Palawan Package for a Delightful Summer

Summer is always the perfect time for bonding with your friends. Take a break, away from the demands of school or work and check out our Palawan package options. What can be a better way to make memories with your friends but a few days in the beautiful island of Palawan? The Last Ecological Frontier […]

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Exploring the Hidden Paradise of Palawan with an El Nido Tour Package

Many tourists – foreign or local, young or old – love the magnificent attractions in Palawan. For some travelers, going to the province means discovering amazing rock formations, exploring mystical lagoons, and walking on powdery white sand beaches. El Nido is one of the popular towns of Palawan. Known for its picturesque views and well-preserved […]

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Coron Tour: Planning the Perfect Family Holiday

Located in Palawan, Coron is a must-visit destination among travel enthusiasts around the world. Its lagoons and lakes offer breathtaking views, giving you the chance to create memorable memories. At Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours, we offer affordable Coron tour packages, giving your family a holiday to remember without spending a fortune. Here are some […]

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Closet Attack: Finding the Right Outfit for Your Palawan Tours

Tourists can get Palawan tours all-year round.  It doesn’t matter if you want to go during summer or rainy season, as Palawan represents timeless paradise and serenity. For many travelers, it’s a home away from home, giving them the opportunity to relax and take a break from their daily grind. When preparing for a trip […]

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How to Find Affordable El Nido Tour Packages

El Nido is a paradise, which boasts of blue waters, green lagoons, hidden beaches, towering cliffs, untouched forests, and diverse marine life. With all the things waiting for tourists in El Nido, many visitors don’t mind the five to six hours land travel from Puerto Princesa to the town. El Nido is at the northernmost […]