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Diving Tour in Puerto Princesa City

Scuba diving is an exciting activity we can arrange for you during your Puerto Princesa city tour. Why do many like diving? The tranquility and weightlessness you experience does wonders to the mind and body. For others, scuba diving is a good exercise, as they get to exert more effort underwater — minus the strain […]

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Trip to the City Within the Forest: Making The Most of a Puerto Princesa Tour Package

Who would not want to explore Puerto Princesa, the “city within a forest”? The city is surrounded with lush green environments and rich flora and fauna. In fact, Palawan is covered with mountain ranges, which makes an ideal destination for extreme adventurers. Climb Mounts Mantalingahan, Victoria, Malatabon, and other uniquely named peaks and see the […]

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What to Expect from a tour of the Palawan Underground River National Park

Visiting Puerto Princesa gives you the chance to explore the famous Palawan Underground River, which is one of the newest wonders of nature. This should definitely be in your bucket-list and part of your vacation plans. The Subterranean River or otherwise known as The Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park is a popular tourist destination […]


Why We Love Boracay, Philippines

There are many reasons Boracay remains one of the top travel destinations around the world. For photographers, it’s one of the best places to take breathtaking photos. Photo enthusiasts are not the only people driven in this beautiful island, however, as tourists and locals also love Boracay. Here are some reasons we, at Hopping Buddies […]

Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour | Hopping Buddies Travel & Tours

Top Four Reasons to Visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park

Philippines’ beauty overflowed when Puerto Princesa Underground River was named the new member of the famous lists of ‘7 Wonders of the World’. It also became a UNESCO world heritage. The underground river is the home of exotic wildlife and it simply exudes natures’ beauty at its best. Visiting Palawan can be more exciting and […]

15 shots challenge at Cocomangas, Boracay Island, Philippines

Guide to Boracay Nightlife: Knowing Where the Best Parties Are

The place isn’t called the Summer Party Capital of the Philippines for nothing. In a nutshell, the Boracay nightlife is legendary. Fantastic tunes, awesome drinks, and good food (anywhere) get the party started. Combine that with great views of the beach and a fun mix of people ready to party hard and you have all […]


Helmet Diving in Boracay, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines isn’t just home to great food and awesome beach parties. The country’s summer party capital also hosts a number of exciting activities that let visitors appreciate the beauty of nature. In addition to kiteboarding, cliff diving, and snorkeling, nothing gets you in touch with the beauty of the Boracay like helmet diving. Trying […]

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Budget Dining in Boracay Island

Pinching a few pennies because you’re staying long in Boracay Island? Perhaps that pub crawl last night means that you’re down to your last few hundred for the day’s budget. Just because you’re low on funds doesn’t mean you have to starve for the rest of your stay in the island. The thriving local economy […]

The Cathedral Cave, Coron

Top Three Dive Sites in Coron, Philippines

The clear waters in and around Palawan, in addition to the dramatic landscapes of limestone and fertile forests of Coron, Philippines, are the reasons the town is a prime tourist destination. Coral reefs and the marine life in the area draw scuba divers, snorkelers, and tourists from all over the world. When planning a diving […]


Live in Luxury : Staying in the Finest Palawan Resorts

There’s nothing quite like communing with nature, especially in a place as lush and stunning as Palawan. The fishing villages and towns are also sights to see for tourists who feel like exploring the rustic side of the area. Here, you may opt for small beachfront cottages or everyday hostels instead of popular resorts in […]