Do I Need a Boracay Map?

For many people, Boracay is their Paradise Island. Ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches around the world, Boracay’s popularity among tourists and locals are over the top. Its wonderful white sand beaches never fail to attract foreigners to the country. As the beach has three stations, many are wondering, do you really need […]

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Honda Bay Tour: Snorkeling and Island Hopping at Its Best

When visiting Palawan, snorkeling and island hopping activities should be on top of your to-do list. A Honda Bay Tour provides you the best of both. Honda Bay is home to a group of small islands just a few minutes away from Puerto Princesa City. The Island offers diverse sights and activities like island hopping, […]

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Boracay Island: Philippines’s Finest at a Glance

Boracay Island’s white sand beach is one of the reasons it is famous around the globe. With the fine texture and color, everybody falls in love with the island at first glance. Apart from the white sand beach, Boracay is a favorite of many tourists, as it offers some of the best beach parties in […]

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Top 3 Palawan Resorts

Everybody wants to escape the summer heat. Some people have started looking for the best resorts to go to, while others have cranked up the AC. Fortunately, the country has many beautiful travel spots. There’s no arguing that Palawan resorts are some of the most relaxing and exciting places to visit during this season. Known […]

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Exciting Activities to do in Boracay for Adrenaline Junkies

For most people, there is only one place to go for a vacation – Boracay. It isn’t called the beach party capital of the Philippines for nothing. Apart from experiencing the exciting party scene of the island, you’ll find many things to do in Boracay that will get your heart racing and your blood pumping. […]

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Best Island Hopping Destinations in the Philippines

Picture-perfect beaches, awesome activities and thousands of other options make the Philippines one of the most desirable island-hopping destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable beach party or a piece of paradise where you can be one with nature, you’ll find a place to visit in the country. Coron Island and other […]

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Must-Visit Bars in Boracay

Upon landing at the Boracay airport, most people are eager to dive into the sights and sounds of the picturesque vacation spot right away. Of course, you’d have to head to your hotel before exploring the island. After swimming and having fun, the beautiful summer day gives way to the night and all that it […]

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Boracay Guide to Stations 1, 2 and 3

Boracay features a long stretch of beach that is divided into three stations. Having a Boracay map helps tourists familiarize themselves with the island, which is especially beneficial for first-time visitors. You can take a stroll by the beachfront from station 1 to station 3. Discovering the Boracay Stations Station 1 has many high-end hotels […]

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Romantic Getaways in Palawan, Philippines

There’s nothing as exciting as going somewhere gorgeous on a weekend. Perhaps on that long-awaited vacation leave? Well, that is, unless you’re with that special someone. As far being one with nature goes, beach lovers from all over have found Palawan, Philippines ideal. In terms of keeping things pristine, the local government and tourism board […]

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Boracay Nightlife: OOTD (Outfit of the day) Ideas for Your Vacation

Boracay is the perfect place to forget your troubles for a few days and be carefree. You can express yourself on the island through your outfits. The key is style and comfort. The great thing about Boracay is that you can wear anything you want without feeling over- or under-dressed. Outfits for Women Apart from […]